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  • PWR Lantern 300L (+ Sml Battery)
  • PWR Lantern 300L (+ Sml Battery)
PWR Lantern 300L (+ Sml Battery)
PWR Lantern 300L (+ Sml Battery)

PWR Lantern 300L (+ Sml Battery)

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Our PWR Lantern is perfect whenever and wherever you require ambient light. Whether you are camping for a week or simply barbecuing in the garden, the PWR Lantern will provide all the light you’ll need with a brilliantly bright 300 lumens of output.

This option includes a small PWR bank that will provide power to your lantern.

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Compact & lightweight design

Compact & lightweight design Knog Knog

Measuring a compact 15cm x 6cm when packed down, the PWR Lantern is a small but powerful portable lighting solution. The stabilising feet also fold down ensuring the lantern takes up minimal space in any kit.

Finally, weighing in at just 180 grams without its power bank and a modest 285 grams when the power bank is included, the lantern has also been designed to minimise unnecessary weight when traveling.


Lanyard Knog Knog

Knowing well that many users will use the PWR Lantern as a portable source of ambient light, each lantern also features a removable, replaceable lanyard for hanging and ease of carry.

PWR Bank Functionality

PWR Bank Functionality Knog Knog

As with all PWR products, the power banks (small & medium) that are used to power the lantern are also interchangeable with all other PWR products.

Beyond their ability to power all of your PWR products, the PWR Banks can also be used to provide power to your other devices via their USB port. Finally, you’ll always know how much power your PWR banks contain, via the clear side light power indicator.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

5 designers, 7 engineers, 480 prototypes and 47 days of 3D printing.

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H: 150mm x W: 60mm x L:60mm


285 grams




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PWR Lantern

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leon Jacoby

Größe ist sehr ideal

Danny Blank
Great Mod system, finicky lantern

I am getting used to the way the battery attaches into the lantern. The lantern separates into two different parts, then you insert the battery into the end cap, and plug the lantern light into the battery, but it's a bit wobbly during that time. Once it's all connected properly, it becomes quite sturdy and secure. The feet make it very steady of a flat surface.

Jack Jiang
Functional lantern

The PWR lantern was much better than expect. It fits all the batteries that my lights use, which certainly makes logistics simpler. It is bright enough and the plastic does a good job diffusing the light.
The lantern body did crack over time, however it doesn’t seem to impact the function. The lid did fall off once too, but I just epoxied that back on.
All in all, happy with it.

Rose Mellor
Versitile and light weight

I am doing the big lap and I use this lantern everyday in several ways. It is great as a table light, fabulous to hang from a tree for extra light for cooking, great to take to the amenities as it has a stand and at the end of the day I use it as a reading light. I love the different strengths you can choose for different applications. One charge lasts for ages and it charges quickly on the 12v or usb.

Nicholas Lloyd-Shrimpton
Power lantern

Great compact light. Works well. Sometimes it does have trouble charging. Throws out a lot of light.