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  • PWR Trekker Flashlight
  • PWR Trekker Flashlight
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PWR Trekker Flashlight

PWR Trekker Flashlight 900l

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The PWR Trekker is a punchy 900L flashlight and part of the Knog PWR modular eco-system, meaning you can enjoy it as a handheld torch or swap out the light-head and use it as a bike light.

It comes programmed with five light modes, a strong nylon strap for secure use on-the-go, and can also be used as a PWR bank (medium) for charging USB devices. The light-head modes can also be changed by downloading our Modemaker app and personalising it to your preferences. A step up from the PWR Camper, the PWR Trekker will light up the outdoors for you to enjoy at all hours of the night.

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Charge Indicator

Charge Indicator Knog Knog

The battery indicator can also show the charge status. You can check the battery status simply by pressing the button. The red LEDs on the side of the PWR bank will illuminate for 10 seconds to display the charge status.


Lanyard Knog Knog

Keeping your flashlight safe and to hand each Trekker features a removable, replaceable lanyard for looping your hand through when in use and ease of carrying when not.


Lens Knog Knog

The PWR Trekker light head kicks out a punchy 900 lumens. Its lens produces a circular beam resulting in a serious flashlight for the most challenging of camping and outdoor activities. The lighthead on the Trekker is interchangeable allowing the user to change the power output with the addition of a different lighthead, or change the runtime by different PWR Bank.

PWR Bank Functionality

PWR Bank Functionality Knog Knog

As our flashlight is USB rechargeable you can now say goodbye to the need for batteries. By using the micro USB cable provided you can plug the PWR bank into any powered USB port or USB wall plug charger. Not only will your PWR bank keep your flashlight powered, because of Knog’s unique design, a user can also charge any other USB compatible device from this same PWR Bank.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

5 designers, 7 engineers, 480 prototypes and 47 days of 3D printing.

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H: 137mm x W: 37mm x L:37mm


260 grams



  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Max 900 2.75
  • Mid 600 4.5
  • Low 300 9
  • Stamina 200 16
  • S.O.S 200 34


Download the user guide below.

PWR Flashlight

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for the trail

I have a lightweight headlamp I use in camp, but, this is a perfect add-on that I've started carrying with me. It has everything I need and is multi-tasker. I can charge other devices from it, it's very bright and I can stuff it anywhere in my pack and not worry about damaging it. What's not to love?

Nico Encarnacion
Great for city cycling for long hours

Easy to mount. Sturdy mounting device. The battery lasts for hours!