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The Loam And Gravel Society

The Loam And Gravel Society

Freedom – noun
The power or right to speak, or think as one wants
The state of not imprisoned or enslaved

At Knog we have always been fascinated by the idea of freedom, so much so that it is considered one of the core values of our business. Back in 2002 when Knog’s founders started the brand, it was their desire to be free to design products exactly as they thought they should be designed that was their motivation. Now 20 years later and freedom is still at the heart of all that Knog does, so that our customers can explore their own sense of Freedom. Now for many that might be as simple as being free to commute safely to work, for others true freedom is found on the open road.

It was Knog’s fascination with the idea of freedom that made it an easy decision to partner with our friends at Old Man Mountain on a project rather intriguingly called ‘The Loam and Gravel Society’. The idea was a simple but alluring one. We wanted to send an adventure-minded individual out on the ultimate 3-month road trip all over the western US, taking bikepacking trips, interviewing people, collaborating with creators, and more. Think of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations but by adventure van and bike.

The individual who was successfully chosen to lead the inaugural ‘Loam and Gravel Society’ adventure was the freewheeling spirit that is Mr Evan Christenson. Evan really embodies the idea of being free, he isn’t daunted by large desolate places and mind-boggling distances, it’s the very thing that makes his heartbeat that bit quicker, and his eyes dilate.

So now with the journey planned, a van secured, and equipment packed we are delighted to present the 1st in an 8-part series exploring Evan’s journey around America. Along the way, Evan will be riding and bikepacking with a host of interesting individuals and checking out the different ways people ride bikes. Evan’s going bikefishing in Montana, bikerafting in Southern Colorado, adaptive bikepacking in Canada and shredpacking in Utah!

It’s fair to say we’re more than a bit jealous but join Evan vicariously on his adventures via his engaging videos, which will be posted here every Wednesday for the next 3 months.

EPISODE 1 – Thunderbolts and Pine Trees

The Chama Charmer took some time to live up to its name on this trip. In the first episode of the Loam and Gravel Society, Evan is joined by The Green Van to checkout the geology of Northern New Mexico while bikepacking this supposedly mellow and meandering, 117 mile route. Thunderbolts, pine trees, and a hard to follow trail had other ideas.

EPISODE 2 – Skullbinder & Horny Toads

Onward to Skullbinder Ranch! Evan’s trying out bikerafting for the first time with the best guides possible. @republicofdoom and Jon Yazzie. These two are legends in the bikerafting community.

Jon Yazzie is Co-Owner of Dzil Taah Adventures a guiding service on his ancestral, Navajo lands. Steve, is co-owner of Four Corners Guides and has bikerafted all over the world and literally written the book on bikerafting, The Bikeraft Guide.

Support the supporters.

The Loam and Gravel Society is patroned by some awesome brands that came together to make this crazy idea possible.

  • OldManMountainRacks – Expedition ready racks that fit any bike.
  • Knog (that’s us!) – Killer lights and headlamps.
  • REYRgear – Telescoping fly rods that are always ready.
  • KonaBikes – Dude, they’re Kona bikes! They’re awesome.
  • SugarWheelWorks – Hand-built in Portland, Oregon for your exact riding style.
  • Carefree.Camper.Co – Completely custom vans. No preset models, only your desires and dreams.
  • 1UPusa – The only car rack you’ve lusted over.
  • Teravail – Sticky, steezy rubber for mountain and gravel.
  • RobertAxleProject – Axles to attach anything to your bike.