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What size post/bar can I use my lights on? Knog - FAQS

All Knog lights are recommended for use on standard sized circular bars and posts with a diameter of 22-32mm.
 If used on larger posts, aero posts or secured over brake cables (so exceeding 32mm) then the strap of the light can be compromised. This is clearly noted on the Knog website and in the instructions included in the packaging. If this happens we cannot warranty the product.

The rear Blinder MOB lights and the Blinder Road R70 come with interchangeable straps and are designed with aeroposts in mind. These lights ONLY are suited to aero and oversize post designs.

The strap of my light broke? Knog - FAQS

That’s not cool. If you have a Blinder MOB, ARC, ROAD (not Road Rear) or POP light then head on over to the ‘Spare Parts’ section of the Knog website and order yourself up a replacement. If you have a Blinder 1, 4 or 4V then, unfortunately, these straps are not replaceable so please return the light to your place of purchase for a warranty claim.

Lights not charging Knog - FAQS

Now, we’re sure you have checked this, however please make sure that you’ve plugged the light in the right way up. Just check this for us please before emailing.

Can I get a new USB charger? Knog - FAQS

You sure can. Head to the ‘Spare Parts’ section of the website to pick up your new cable.

Is it OK to charge my lights with a mains USB Adaptor? Knog - FAQS

Yep. Any reputable branded 5 volt charger will work fine e.g. iPhone Charger. In fact it’ll probably charge your light heaps faster than your trusty old pc.