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  • Scout Bike Alarm & Finder
  • Scout Bike Alarm & Finder
Scout Bike Alarm & Finder
Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

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Leaving a bike unattended, even when secured, can be risky. This is why Knog designed Scout Bike Alarm & Finder.

Scout provides unparalleled Bike security by combining both an extremely loud 85db bike alarm function with a highly accurate bike finder, all designed specifically for use on bikes.

Once armed, any movement of a Scout fitted Bike will trigger the motion-sensitive audio alarm discouraging any further movement and alerting the bike’s owner, both by the sound of the alarm and via a notification that is automatically sent to the owner’s iPhone.

Then in a scenario where a bike fitted with Scout is not where the owner has left it, its location can simply be traced using Apple’s network via the ‘Find My’ app.


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Mounting & Securing

Mounting & Securing Knog Knog

With Scout, there’s the choice of overt or discreet security. To advertise that the bike is fitted with Scout, simply use the neon yellow silicone cover provided. For more discreet security, attach Scout to the bike via the bottle cage mounts using tamper-proof security screws without the cover.

Mounting With A Bottle Cage

Mounting With A Bottle Cage Knog Knog

Scout’s extremely low profile and compact design allows for it to be neatly bolted and hidden underneath a bottle cage. This is a great way to keep Scout hidden for even more discretion.

Arming & Charging

Arming & Charging Knog Knog

Arming or disarming the Scout alarm is made simple and can be achieved in two ways; via the button on the side of the device when the connected iPhone is in close proximity (<1.5m) or via the Knog app when the device is within Bluetooth range.

Enjoying up to 6 months of battery life between charges, Scout only requires charing twice a year. When Scout’s battery does require a charge there is no need to remove the unit from the bike, it’s simple to recharge using a USB-C cable via Scout charging port housed behind a water-proof silicone bung.

LEDs & Waterproofing

LEDs & Waterproofing Knog Knog

Scout feature’s dual function LEDs that show at a glance if the Scout is alarmed. The same LEDs also display the charge status of the battery.

Scout has a water resistant rating of IP66, which means that it can be left in the rain, used in the rain and handle jet washing without affecting its functionality.

An idea born long ago, now brought to life using the latest technology.

An idea born long ago, now brought to life using the latest technology.

Scout is an absolute game-changer in bike security.

  • Specifications


H: 106mm x W: 26mm x L:8mm


25 grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 266 reviews
Samuel Levin
Amazing Product from AirTag to Scout.

This bike airtag/alarm is a breeze to install and configure. Transitioning from the Apple AirTag to the Scout, I did notice a slight decrease in update frequency, and unfortunately, the Find feature is absent. However, overall, it's a convenient and user-friendly product that enhances bike security.

Anton Ramo
awesome product

this is my second knogscout.i use it on all of my bikes

Trevor Morgan
Trevor’s Bike Scout review

I fitted a Knog bike alarm to my Trek e-bike about a month ago. No problems with installation however I would like to know how long the battery will last after charging and what happens when my bike is stolen when out of Bluetooth range!

William Blankenburg
So Far, So Good

No complaints to report

Scout Bike alarm

Easy to set up, not at all noticeable if you don’t want it to be and alarm is decently loud. Highly recommend for peace of mind.