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  • Quokka Run 100 Headlamp
  • Quokka Run 100 Headlamp
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Quokka Run 100 Headlamp

Quokka Run 100 Headlamp

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Quokka Run is different from any other running headlamp available in the market.

It’s a streamlined, USB rechargeable, silicone headlamp that is small and super lightweight at an incredible. 49 grams.

As a result of its construction from transparent silicone, when the headlamp is in operation a red halo light effect is created which helps increase your visibility to other road users, making the Quokka Run the perfect running headlamp.


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Optimally placed LEDs

Optimally placed LEDs Knog Knog

The 3 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose – a spot beam to see by, wide beam for broad ambient light and a red light for night/low light.

On it’s brightest setting, Quokka Run has a range of up to 40 meters.

It also has a dustproof/water-resistant rating of IP65.

USB Rechargeable

USB Rechargeable Knog Knog

Pop out the inner pod to access the USB. Then recharge with a PWR Bank or directly with your computer or USB wall charger, no charging cable required.

Quokka Run uses a Lithium Polymer battery, and takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge.

Multi Modes

Multi Modes Knog Knog

There are 4 modes and 4 brightness settings for each mode. Modes: Spot, wide, combo and red Brightness settings: High, Mid, Low, Flash. Easily toggle between the modes and the brightness levels using the buttons on the Quokka Run.

Transparent matte finish silicone

Transparent matte finish silicone Knog Knog

Quokka Run’s body and strap are moulded in transparent matte finish silicone that won’t tangle your hair.

It’s easy to clean and is adjustable to fit head circumferences from 300-660mm.

The silicone strap adjusts with a toggle. Once you’ve found your size you can set and forget or adjust on the fly.

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H: 20mm x W: 150mm x L:240mm


49 grams

Charge Time

3.5 hours



  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Combo High 100 2.5
  • Spot High 75 4
  • Wide High 20 10
  • Halo High 12 6.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Kerr
Tiny and mighty!!

Bought for urban running. Far exceeded my expectations. Light, comfortable, and BRIGHT! I was mainly concerned with being seen but this little Quokka lights the path when the streetlights are absent. And I love that I don’t have to futz around with another cable when I need to charge it. Kudos for the Quokka!

Pure and Simple

Pure light, simple to use. An easy way to illuminate any close up view.

Neil Croft

Does what it says it should do. Impressed by the lightweight design and intensity of the bulbs.
Works brilliantly in the very dark Swedish winter both running and cycling (and everything else).

Peter Sugden
Quokka run 100

Purchased this a while ago I love these headlamps so light no need for extra batteries recommend this product

Oliver Renney
Great running head torch

Save money on batteries still have all the light ya need. Win win