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  • PWR Sound (+ Sml battery)
  • PWR Sound (+ Sml battery)
PWR Sound (+ Sml battery)
PWR Sound (+ Sml battery)

PWR Sound (+ Sml battery)

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With PWR Sound, our portable Bluetooth speaker, you’ll never need to be without your favourite music, audio books or podcasts wherever your adventure may take you.

This option includes a small PWR bank that will provide power to your Bluetooth speaker.

* PWR Frame Mount not included.

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PWR Bank Functionality

PWR Bank Functionality Knog Knog

By using the interchangeable PWR Bank system to provide its power, the weight of the PWR Sound can be kept to a minimum. Weighing 330 grams without it’s PWR Bank, rising to 495 grams when the battery is included.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity Knog Knog

PWR Sound pairs to your device via Bluetooth meaning no messy and old-fashioned wires.
Simply press and hold power button to turn on, then the button lights will start flashing. In Bluetooth preferences on your mobile device select PWR Sound. When successfully paired the lights will stop flashing and you will hear the connection successful prompt. For best performance place PWR Sound within 10m of your mobile device with clear line of sight.

Low battery indicator

Low battery indicator Knog Knog

Button icons will flash at a frequency of 2:1 when low battery is detected. Your PWR Bank battery level will also be displayed next to the Bluetooth icon on your iOS or Android device.
The battery indicator on the PWR Bank can also show the charge status. You can check the battery status by touching your finger on the base of the PWR Bank. The red LEDs on the side of the PWR bank will illuminate for 10 seconds to display the charge status.

Mounting system

Mounting system Knog Knog

Adding a PWR Frame Mount (which isn’t included) will allow you to attach the PWR Sound to your bike, your tent, a tree or to whatever you choose to hold your portable speaker.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

5 designers, 7 engineers, 480 prototypes and 47 days of 3D printing.

  • Specifications
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H: 129mm x W: 47mm x L:97mm


495 grams

Charge Time

5 hours

  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • PWR Bank Small N/A 15
  • PWR Bank Med N/A 25


Download the user guide below

PWR Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liebe das Pwr System!

Gute Verarbeitung, einfaches Pairing, stabile Verbindung via BT. Ausgewogener Sound für das kleine Ding (selbstverständlich kann die Box keine Tiefbässe). Das gesamte PWR System ist ein Genuss, habe mich rundum damit eingedeckt. Ein Spiralkabel wurde defekt geliefert: ich bekomme ohne grosses Brimborium ein neues gesendet, das weckt Vertrauen das ich beim richtigen Hersteller kaufe.

Leon Jacoby
Ideal als Bluetooth

Super das man darüber anrufen kann und guter Sound

Nur die Verarbeitung des ges Gerätes ist nicht gut

Dennis van mill
Cruising with Tunes

I picked up this PWR Sound along with the large MTB headlight from Knog and love it’s compact and lightweight design for mounting on the top tube and tapping away to my tunes. And of course it is at home as a speaker at work, garage or camping as well.
It worth a mention that the Bluetooth connection with my IPhone is trouble free and the PWR Sound lasts all day as long as it’s not at max volume