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PWR Solar Panel
PWR Solar Panel

PWR Solar Panel 10 watt

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Knog’s compact solar charger allows users to explore the outdoors with an endless supply of clean renewable energy. Use this charger to provide direct power to your devices via the USB-A output, or store the energy in an external PWR Bank for future use.

As you’d expect from Knog, the PWR Solar 10W is packed with technology and features that make this solar charger stand head and shoulders above any other comparable charger on the market.

With its compact, lightweight, and sturdy design the PWR Solar 10W is the perfect choice for rugged outdoor exploration, whether it be on a bike or on foot.

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Compact & Lightweight

Compact & Lightweight Knog Knog

The smart concertina design of the PWR Solar 10W means that when not in use it folds into a small compact unit that is not much larger than a smartphone.

Weighing in at 450g this small compact unit can fit easily into pannier bags or secure jacket pockets.

With smartly placed magnets this solar unit packs up easily when not in use, these same magnets can also be used to add positioning of the panels on a metal object.

Premium Solar Cells & Intelligent Chip Technology

Premium Solar Cells & Intelligent Chip Technology Knog Knog

Not all solar cells give an equal performance, with a huge difference in various cells efficiencies. Knog’s decision to use Sunpower Maxeon Gen 5 panels featuring Monocrystalline cells allows for high module efficiency, these are the same cells that are used by Nasa.

Through Knog’s use of advanced integrated chip technology, the PWR Solar 10W panels can detect improving solar conditions and automatically re-start the charging process to allow the device that is being charged to draw the optimum charging current, creating the most efficient charging in any given conditions.

Durable & Rugged

Durable & Rugged Knog Knog

Every aspect of PWR Solar 10W has been designed with adventure in mind. As such, the entire unit is coated with ETFE which is considered the leading industrial coating offering unparalleled protection from heat, water, salt, oil, and dirt.

The charger also has a handy D-ring attachment which allows for convenient and secure storage or premium placement for maximum sun absorption.

Dual function LEDs

Dual function LEDs Knog Knog

4 conveniently located LEDs on the top of the unit perform dual display functions.

When the LEDs display on steady they are measuring the quality of the available sunlight which allows for placement to ensure optimum sunlight capture.

When the LED’s are flashing they are indicating the rate at which your device is charging, with the unit only delivering the level of charge that a device requires.

PWR Modular System

PWR Modular System

The PWR Solar 10W panel perfectly unites the entire Knog PWR range, allowing explorers to find their freedom in the great outdoors with an endless supply of renewable energy.

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Product Dimensions - Folded: 175mm (L) x 105mm (W) x 35mm (D) Deployed: 540mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 17mm (D)


Download the user guide below.

PWR Solar 10 Watt Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stanley Redmond
Perfect Size

I received the solar panel and I am extremely happy with the size as it will be used during my bike ride on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this summer and space is limited. I bought this after reading the great review of the product via the Adventure Cycling Association. I am positive it will give me the power needed for my devices during this epic adventure. Thanks!

George Tsakiris
High quality- high cost

Very good quality definitely expensive but it gives you back with its performance....The only problem I faced is that I paid customs tax about 60 euros....I didn't expect that....I have ordered other times from countries outside of Europe and for the first time I paid tax for purchases of this value...otherwise it's light ,small and charges fast ideal for cycling trip....

Solar panel

I bought the PWR solar panel and I think it is really a great product.

roberto reol
Amazing and a MUST for your Outdoor Activities

I have use it very few still, but I was surprised about the quality of materials, que size, and how it works.
I have charges several devices, but I have to check really the Speed for loading X mAh, because all days used, the sun was not completely shinning continuosly, but I am quite satisfyed with what I get.
Totally advisable, for quality, size, weight, materials, and easy of getting power from de sun.
Thanks for adding this item to the product family.

Mark Sisson
Just right for adventure

As long as you have cell service, this charger is the just the ticket for heading to the beach, the mountains or really anywhere there's sunshine. Disconnect from the web because you want to, not because your phone runs out of battery!