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  • PWR Road 700 & Blinder Square
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PWR Road 700 & Blinder Square Light set

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Packaged together, the PWR Road 700 and Blinder Square Rear make the perfect pair.

Putting out an impressive 700 lumens, the PWR Road is a part of Knog’s modular bike light range, meaning you can swap light heads, batteries, and use the PWR Bank to charge any device.

Also included, is the PWR Mount, designed to discretely tuck the PWR Road 700 directly under a cycling computer using the GoPro style attachment.

The Blinder Square, a 100 lumen rear light, is fully waterproof, features an integrated USB recharging arm and comes with three different replaceable silicone straps designed to accommodate any seat tube or frame size.

This light set is as powerful as it is versatile and is a must have for any road cyclist.

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We obsess about making innovative, best-in-class products.

We obsess about making innovative, best-in-class products.

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  • Specifications
  • Instructions

  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • PWR Road 700
  • Max 700 1.7
  • Mid 360 3.4
  • Stamina 70 20
  • Pulse 650 7
  • Strobe 275 10
  • Eco-Flash 70 165
  • Modes Runtime (hrs)
  • Blinder Square Rear
  • Max Steady 2.5
  • Eco Flash 55

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brad Sutton
Ingenious design and great quality

While these lights aren't cheap, they perform well enough to make them a good value. With the side mount you can mount the front light under the stem and get it out of the way of your hands. The rear light is great and has amazing life. I only wish the mount was a little easier to use, it's great for mounting to a seatpost or something similar, but when it comes to mounting to a bikepacking bag, it seemed almost unnecessarily complicated, but I'll have to look at all the accessories again.

Herr Jonas Kauer
Top product

Smart, clean and rugged design! Absolutle recommendable!

Lachlan Mann
I like these lights and use them in the real world

I bought this kit about 2 weeks ago, and have used it every second day. The lights are great! Packaging is also very impressive.

I was initially concerned about the 700 lumens not being bright enough, but it's fine for my use. Granted, I don't ride at midnight or somewhere incredibly dark, but riding at dusk or early night has been fine. I've just set this to the low power/ flash mode when riding during the day and battery has lasted 4+ rides before getting down to 1 or 2 dots left on the power metre.

The blinder light is good, though it's really bright. Wishing it had another low power mode in exchange for battery life. I.e half or 3/4 brightness for double battery life. I charge it every 2nd ride. I probably should have bought the vertically aligned rear light (can't recall the name of it) as it has some lower power modes, but I'm certainly not unhappy with the blinder either.

Raymond Morro
Great set of lights at a terrific value!

Everything about Knog lights are super - the designs are well thought out and have convenient features such as the built in USB connector. The rear light is really bright - so bright that I'm only going to use it for night lighting, and the front headlamp is great, I really like the mounting hardware which is secure and foolproof (I've had issues with the mounting of other brands of headlamps onto my primary road bike). The headlamp's brightness is perfect and I like the feature where you can program additional lighting and brightness modes in using the software!

maria quattrociocchi

Charge holds for many rides— got my lights two weeks ago and still haven’t had to charge them— I’m an NYC bike commuter so I average 60 miles/ week.

Super bright and easy to install.