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PWR Lighthead

PWR Lighthead 1100l

AUD $99.99

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The PWR Lighthead 1100L is part of Knog’s PWR Range. Compatible with the small, medium and large PWR Banks you can build the bike light that you want.

The PWR Lighthead 1100L outputs an elliptical style beam with a horizontal and vertical spread for broader and brighter road coverage, combined with an additional ring of “be seen” LEDs.

You can also program the light to suit your needs with Knog’s Modemaker app – control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.

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H: 45mm x W: 35mm x L:35mm


54 grams




Download the user guide below.

PWR Lighthead Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Randy Freethy
Great light!

Compact. It fits cleanly under my Garmin and throws more than enough light to keep me safe without blinding on coming cyclists.

Geoff P
Showed me the light

Great addition / upgrade. I have the PWR 700 - battery and lighthead, so it was great to be able to add this into the mix. Works perfectly / smoothly.

Brad Sutton
Great design, build quality and an ingenious system

The PWR system itself is really cool in all of its modularity and customizability. I recently took this lighthead on a 400 mile ride and it performed great on some gravel roads on a very dark moon-less night. Changing light modes is easy and quick so you can adjust brightness for conditions and conserve battery. My only quibble is I find flash modes for a front light mostly useless, but you can set your own custom modes for this light, which I will definitely be doing.