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PWR Lighthead

PWR Lighthead 1000l

AUD $59.99

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The PWR Lighthead 1000L is part of Knog’s PWR Range. Compatible with the small, medium and large PWR Banks you can build the bike light that you want.

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Broad and Bright Coverage

Broad and Bright Coverage Knog Knog

The PWR Lighthead 1000L outputs an elliptical style beam with a horizontal and vertical spread for broader and brighter road coverage, combined with an additional ring of “be seen” LEDs. This modular lighthead can be swapped between small, medium and large PWR Bank batteries for longer runtimes.

Program Your Light

Program Your Light Knog Knog

When Knog designs each light, we put optics at the heart of that equation. Whether it’s new LED formations, or beam patterns, we are committed to making each lumen work harder once you’re on the road. You can program the light to suit your needs with Modemaker – control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

Creating the PWR range didn’t happen overnight.

5 designers, 7 engineers, 480 prototypes and 47 days of 3D printing.

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H: 45mm x W: 35mm x L:35mm


54 grams



Runtimes if lighthead is paired with PWR Bank Medium

  • Modes Lumens Runtime (HRS)
  • Eco Flash 15 300
  • Max 1000 2
  • Mid 550 3
  • Stamina 80 21
  • Pulse 300 8
  • Strobe Flash 225 14


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Martin T.
Good upgrade!

I bought this as upgrade to my PWR Road 700 and I am very happy with it. it is a bit brighter; and the light head is a bit wider than the battery part, so it is easier to grip and separate, or change the mode while riding the bike.

Jake Blecher
Powerful, looks good

Has more settings than previous models which is good but also means you have to cycle through them all if you forget whether you're on minimum brightness or not

Shane Kent
Good as gold

Bright as hell. Lots of options. Love to tinker

Estanislu Mateu Cochs
Good lighting and amazing design!

I works so good that I even got the 2000lum adventure kit. Its modularity givesthe whole experience a boost

Tim H
PWR Lighthead

Awesome light spread and distance down the road. Can't be missed on the road with this light and perfect for early morning commutes to work