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Plus Rear

AUD $29.99

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Plus Rear bike light is a super-bright, wearable and USB rechargeable bike light. An output of 20 lumens of light from the integrated COB LEDs ensures you are well seen up to 500m away.


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Get Lit

Get Lit Knog Knog

The Plus rear light pumps out an impressive 20 lumens of light and has 5 different light modes. It’ll keep you lit up all night long, with run times of up to 40 hours on eco flash. Efficient Chip on Board (COB) LEDs designed to provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each mode.

No Charging Cable Required

No Charging Cable Required Knog Knog

The integrated USB plug makes charging Plus is a breeze. No charging cable required, Plus plugs directly into USB ports & is designed to be exposed to the elements. Just remove from its magnetic mount and you’re ready to charge.

Multiple Mounting Methods

Multiple Mounting Methods Knog Knog

Where can you mount the Plus? Where can’t you mount it! Handlebars, forks, seatposts, pannier racks and stays. Vertical and horizontal. Standard and oversize handlebars and seatposts (22.2 – 31.8mm+). Anything goes.

It's Wearable Too

It's Wearable Too Knog Knog

Swapping cycling for camping or running? No dramas. Remove the light from it’s magnetic mount and it now doubles as a wearable night running light and versatile camping light. Use the clip to attach the light to your tshirt, shorts, socks, headband, backpack, dog collar (we could go on…)

Deceptively simple and extraordinary effective

Deceptively simple and extraordinary effective

50 designs concepts, 20 prototypes and 16 rejected mounting systems. Getting simple looking products perfect, is any but simple.

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H: 66mm x W: 24mm x L:14mm


18 grams

Charge Time

4 hours



FOR MACBOOK AIR OWNERS : The magnet in your MacBook Air responds to the magnet in the Plus light and turns off the screen when it's plugged in to charge. This does not harm your computer (it just thinks the lid is closed).

  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Steady 20 2
  • Strobe 20 8.5
  • Pulse 20 4.5
  • Fancy Flash 20 10
  • Eco Flash 20 40


Download the user guide below.


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Jeremy Hulshizer
Great, simple, convenient

Nice and bright, simple, easy to charge with the built in USB, Great price

Martinez Martinez
Great light!

Best light in the market for me! Light, cheap, and reliable

Arnaud Degueldre
Super good lamp, bright, good battery, easy setup

The title says it all

Greg O'Hara
Too flimsy?

I have loved the Plus back light for a while. But suddenly the button does not work. It still charges, but no way to turn it on. Was not a huge investment but when it worked, it was perfect and of course it's annoying that I might just have to throw it away.

I don't want to be one of these internet keyboard warrior ranting types, but I would rather like Knog to know: are 1 or 2 or your lighter products just a little too breakable? I also had that nice bell: the Oi Classic. Broke pretty quickly. And not loud enough at all.

So Knog: really beautiful products but for the next iterations, please think about the robustness. I am careful with my stuff, so it was not me being careless. Sustainability needs more robust products that we don't have to throw away. I will even accept a few grammes more weight, a few but not too many ;)

James Morris
Backlight smaller band needed

I have a carrier with 6 mm framing. No bracket for a rear tail light. A smaller band to cover this would be good.