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  • Bilby 400 Headlamp
  • Bilby 400 Headlamp
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Bilby 400 Headlamp

Bilby 400 Headlamp

AUD $109.99

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Simply put, the Bilby is the world’s most powerful silicone headlamp.

The Bilby produces a serious output of 400-lumens and offers an impressive 5-hour runtime on full power, and over 105-hours on the lowest setting.

It’s lightweight, dust proof and waterproof to 1m (IP67 rating) and intuitively designed from medical-grade silicone to ensure durability while providing form-fitting comfort.

The Bilby will suit the most serious outdoor enthusiast in the most demanding of situations.


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Multiple Light Options

Multiple Light Options Knog Knog

The 5 LEDs on the Bilby are optimally placed for their individual purposes – a high beam to see by, 2 elliptical beams for mid and wide beam angles, a red light for night light purposes and downlights for reading. Within each mode there are four brightness settings. On the brightest setting, the Bilby has a range of up to 100 meters.

Another outstanding feature of the Bilby is its ability to be customised via Knog’s own Modemaker app. This app allows users to increase Bilby’s modes from 6 up to 8, and choose which order they are operated, allowing users to create a headlamp that is customised to their specific own needs.

A final unique feature of the Bilby is its special ‘boost mode’ that allows a user to extract full power from 2 LEDs simultaneously. This really lights things up for a period of up to 10 mins.

Rechargeable With Integrated USB

Rechargeable With Integrated USB Knog Knog

Say goodbye to single use batteries.

The outstanding feature of this design is the fact that the USB is integrated into the lighting pod – which means no cables to lose or break.

To recharge the headlamp, simply plug the pod into a USB-A port, and you’ll have a full charge in just 4 hours from flat.

Matte Silicone Finish

Matte Silicone Finish Knog Knog

The Bilby’s body and strap are moulded in matte finish medical grade silicone that won’t tangle your hair. It’s easy to clean and is adjustable to fit head circumferences from 300-660mm.

The extremely comfortable silicone strap adjusts with a toggle. Once you’ve found your size you can set and forget or adjust on the fly.

Unique Pod Chassis Design

Unique Pod Chassis Design Knog Knog

Our new removable pod chassis design is packed with advanced optics allowing for various beam widths and elevations. Through the use of the 2-intuitive buttons, users can electronically raise and lower the light beam over a 20-degree arc which overcomes the need for the traditional mechanical adjustment ensuring the light points right where you need it when you need it.

The same removable pod is fitted with an innovative heat sink design, which helps prevents the headlamp overheating even when on full power over long periods of use.

And remember, the Bilby is IP67 rated, meaning it’s waterproof to 1m as well as dust-proof. This headlamp is made tough.

The Future Of Headlamps Is Here

The Future Of Headlamps Is Here

We don't wait for the next best thing. We make it.

  • Specifications
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H: 250mm x W: 150mm x L:28.5mm


90 grams

Charge Time

4 hours



  • Modes Lumens Runtime
  • Boost Right High 400 5
  • Boost Right Low 50 60
  • Boost Left High 240 9
  • Boost Left Low 35 80
  • Mid High 200 14
  • Mid Low 25 105
  • Wide High 48 22
  • Wide Low 7 98
  • Spot High 200 14
  • Spot Low 25 105
  • Red High 7 32
  • Red Low 2 103
  • Reading High 10 17
  • Reading Low 2 75

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Dennis Wales
So good!

This headlamp is great for running in the dark. It makes me easy to see and it makes my oth easy to see as well. The silicone strap is really nice too!

light and bright

perfect for trail and night/early morning morning. nice and light and a good beam spread.

Martin Jennings
Great torch

Love this torch. My only criticism is the button configuration or operation can be a challenge to work out. My wife can't turn it off and won't use hers. 🤷

If you want to simplify your modes / operation, Bilby 400 is compatible with Knog's Modemaker app, meaning you can choose whatever modes you want. You could strip it back to a single mode if you'd like! Discover Modemaker for yourself here: https://www.knog.com/pages/modemaker. Also worth noting that on the product page, there's a Product Video you can watch and learn more about the operation.


I have many of these and to date I cannot fault (I have an early model that went dead) but considering usage, it’s exceptable

I highly recommend these line of lights, especially if your a tradie, defence or a bushman.

Timothy de Jersey
big, versatile

I love it - but have two comments. 1. My wife can't work it - I think she'd like something a bit more obvious for turning it on however I see no problem with it. 2. I lost the little adjuster from the back while camping in particularly muddy conditions! - I've managed to substitute by simply tying a knot in it however it would be good if I could buy a replacement. Keep up the great work Knog crew you are awesome!

Hi Timothy, thanks for your review! In regards to your missing toggle/adjuster - we have these online at the following link : https://www.knog.com/products/headlamp-toggle